Hull Lines

Our hull lines,
result of experimental and theoretical work , computational fluid dynamic research, tank testing and sea trial analysis, represents the topic of our naval architectural and marine engineering activity more and more merged in the superyachts and megayachts range special design. Hull Lines are for us, the starting point, the main path and the conclusion of each project being the essential and permanent fundament of each superyacht project. We think that any special project cannot be adapted to an existing sister ships hull lines design since this will always represent a compromise that cannot be accepted for a fully customized superyachts where also hull lines must be carefully designed like a dress upon the Owner and his requirements.

It is infact hull lines task and responsibility :

  • Giving the customized answer to Owner’s precise request in terms of speed, range, operational properties, comfort, reliability, safety.
  • Satisfying with adequate margins, the most rigorous international certification rules in terms of intact and damaged stability requirements, as well as dynamic stability in all its aspects.
  • Optimization of hull lines to achieve the contractual top and cruise speed with minimum power installed and minimum consumptions.
  • Optimization of hull lines to achieve best sea-keeping properties.

High quality hull lines design requires a very complex procedure.
Owners should always obtain a customized hull lines for their own superyacht to obtain best results.

This is why Arrabito Naval Architects concentrate their efforts in developing and testing always new hull lines, for each singular project committed.

Arrabito hull lines concept: